• Centrum Mon-Sat 10-21, Sun 10-19
  • Rimi HYPER Mon-Sun 8-22
  • Centrum Mon-Sat 10-21, Sun 10-19
  • Rimi HYPER Mon-Sun 8-22

Internal rules of procedure

The purpose of the internal rules of procedure of Lasnamäe Centrum (hereinafter: the Rules) is to ensure the well-being of all visitors and employees of Lasnamäe Centrum.

  • Visitors to the centre are obliged to follow the established and generally accepted rules and requirements for staying in public places.
  • Visitors are expected to behave in a courteous and orderly manner, keeping the Centre clean and tidy.
  • Visitors are prohibited from disturbing other visitors and staff by their behaviour; damaging and destroying the Centre’s fixtures and fittings; consuming alcohol in the general areas of the Centre (excluding the catering and entertainment areas); smoking and consuming drugs.
  • Being in the Centre and its territory when intoxicated in a manner that is visible and disturbs others is prohibited. Being in the Centre when under the influence of drugs is prohibited.
  • Smoking in the immediate vicinity of the entrances to the Centre is prohibited. Smoking is only allowed outside the area marked as an area where smoking is prohibited.
  • Using scooters, bicycles, roller skates, skateboards, etc. in the Centre is not allowed.
  • Taking photos and filming in the Centre is only allowed for personal purposes. In other cases, taking photos and filming are only allowed with the prior consent of the Centre’s representatives.
  • Visitors must exercise care and caution when moving around the Centre. Lasnamäe Centrum is not responsible for the personal property of visitors.
  • Lasnamäe Centrum is not liable for any accidents with visitors that occur in the Centre due to violation of the Rules of Lasnamäe Centrum.
  • When a pet is brought to the Centre, the owner of the pet must ensure the safety of other people and pets and avoid letting the pet loose. The owner of the pet must make sure that their pet does not soil the territory of the Centre. Each shop/restaurant has the right not to allow pets on their premises.
  • The staff of the Centre has the right to ask visitors to leave if they do not follow the Rules set by the Centre or if their behaviour endangers and disturbs other visitors, other persons in the Centre and the Centre.
  • The security staff of the Centre have the right to remove from the Centre any person whom they reasonably suspect of intending to breach the Rules of the Centre or to endanger visitors, other persons in the Centre or the Centre, or deny such persons entry to the Centre. The same applies to persons who have previously breached or attempted to breach the rules of the Centre or endanger visitors, other persons in the Centre and the Centre.
  • Persons who commit repeated or serious breaches of the rules at the centre will be handed over to the police.
  • Visitors to Lasnamäe Centrum acknowledge that the Centre is under video surveillance.
  • Visitors to the Centre are obliged to follow traffic rules in the car park of Lasnamäe Centrum. Road users must ensure the safety of themselves, their fellow road users and vehicles. The car park of Lasnamäe Centrum is managed by Europark Estonia OÜ.

The Centre is represented by Capfield OÜ.